Saraswathi is versatile and dynamic Thanks to a powerful modular template framework.

Framework acts as a scaffolding to create any design to suit any purpose.With 100’s options to tweak such as color, layout, width and widgets no two WordPress website using Saraswathi theme has to ever look the same.


Stride into the Future

Framework that makes Saraswathi powerful also makes it ready for the future.

Content First Design

Our approach to let content be the king.Your content will be at the centre of the focus across devices and screens, communicating your content’s message in a consistent & user friendly manner without distraction from unnecessary design elements.Nothing more or less, theme only includes things that is needed to achieve this goal.


Mobile First

We made Saraswathi for mobile first. Every pixel designed to progressively scale and remain consistent in performance on all devices, paving way for engaging user experience.



“What You See Is What You Get” theme options, built exclusively using Theme Customization API to deliver a seamless real-time theme customization experience.


Clean, Lean, and Mean

Design is the tip of the iceberg, what never meets the eye is the code underneath.We go to great lengths to keep it clean, lean, and mean.

Ready to go!with all essential features required to create modern & beautiful websites.

Saraswathi unites the best of both worlds – offers beautiful design & features yet it is incredibly simple to use, with very little setup and no need for coding. It is also fast & light, providing enough room for websites to add specific features they might need through plugins, skins or child themes.


image Saraswathi is progressively responsive designed for the mobile first, every element uses optimum resources and scales perfectly with screen size.


image Our design incorporates typography, styling, and icons that look clear and crisp on High DPI 4K displays.


image Choose between responsive dropdown or mega menu that transforms itself to a sleek tap and swipe menu on smaller screens respectively.

Material Design

image The default framework in Saraswathi theme uses Google’s material design guidelines. A modern and innovative design system of visual, motion, and interactive design that adapts across platforms and devices.


image Color picker with 16 million colors to create your own or use saraswathi’s color palette.Every option has specific material design color code as a guide to select colors that work harmoniously with each other.


image Make your website design aesthetically unique with custom color, image, pattern, or animated gradient backgrounds.


image Multiple post layouts, infinite scroll, post formats, responsive gallery, mobile optimised post navigation, translation, and more features to create blogs that are unique, interactive, and easy to read.


image Showcase your work with pride by creating an awesome & unique portfolio with support for video, image, categories and custom fields.


image Create a full fledged eCommerce business using WordPress, Saraswathi, and WooCommerce with ease.


image Make readable & appealing content with complete google fonts library.Select font size and filter fonts based on weights & scripts, this eliminates unnecessary font downloads and optimizing your google CDN requests.


image We built Saraswathi with semantic HTML5 markup along with RDFa, microdata, and microformats providing meaning to page structures. This enables better communication with search engines and users.


image Get a competitive advantage using saraswathi. Every line of code has been added with performance in mind ensuring faster page loads because speed matters.


image A responsive content slider widget that looks elegant and sleek in any widget area.Hey! it is also extremely customizable with options to change layout, slides, animation, sizes and content post types…

Widget Areas

image Instantly add content and features to change the design and structure of any webpage with the help of widget areas.Did you know that you can choose the number and location of such widget areas.


image Comes with an arsenal of shortcodes but If that doesn’t cut it, create your own shortcodes with content templater.

Page Templates

image Need single page designs? Use quicknav shortcode for navigation and array of custom page templates to create landing pages that demands users attention.

Flexible Layout

image Have complete control of site layout with options to set the width for logo, main body, sidebars, widgets, and content.

Site Tiles

image Supports WordPress 4.3’s new inbuilt site icon feature for Microsoft live tiles and Apple touch icon.Allows users to add website to start screen of their devices.

Backup & Share

image Export saraswathi theme settings to a file.This feature also allows you to download or share backedup settings files with Saraswathi theme community members on our forum.

Automatic Updates

image Never miss an update again with automatic notification about updates via WordPress’s native update system


image Every product from Smartpixels comes with a guarantee of quick support.

Demo Import

image To help you start exploring the features and options of the theme we have included the data from demos in theme package

RTL & Translation

image We have made it easy and quick to translate all the theme files and to support languages written from Right-To-Left.


image Your content will be accessible to people with disabilities with judicious use of WAI-ARIA attributes throughout the theme.

Customize Everything!

You can have grid or fullwidth layout and position topbar, menu, & widget area, all only by changing a few options.What’s even cooler? The fact that you get to see the changes you make, as Saraswathi uses the native WordPress customizer

Limitless Designs


+ Customizer Options


Custom Fonts


Colors Color Picker

Site Layouts

Full Width
Left Sidebar / Content
Content / Right Sidebar
Custom Page 100% width
Content / No Sidebar

Widget Areas

Widget area Positions

Have any number of widgetsareas in any of these positions

Widget Grids

Grid system for widgets in widgetareas

Above Content
Below Content

Saraswathi Shortcodes!

Adds spice to your content

Shortcodes that help access & deliver content in the most elegant and functional way possible.

It is our intention to build a solid array of features that share design elements where harmony and quality takes precedence over quantity.

Every shortcode is mobile optimised, functional, and bloat free.We promise to keep it that way. The Quick Navigation shortcode to create responsive navigation for content, Content Carousel to create sliders, or mobile optimised Tabs shortcode to create tabbed content. In-fact, you can create your own shortcodes,yeah that’s right!, Templater shortcode to create and save any content snippet you want and use them as shortcodes anywhere.

However, the best part is that the shortcodes are just a click away, neatly packaged into an universal shortcode interface to quickly add any shortcode with any option to content.



with functional design that elevates products

Enjoy seamless and complete WooCommerce integration, the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin.

The saraswathi cuztomizer provides various settings to change the appearance.

For instance you change the number of products to displayed per archive page, choose number of related products, choose layout style, select primary and secondary colour combinations to be used throughout the design, set the thumbnail sizes and much more…


More DemosAll the demos can be installed with one click installer.

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