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slider-backgrounds-posts-4“Isn’t it a beauty?” he asked. “It is, indeed!” replied the Woodman, who was greatly pleased. “But is it a kind heart?” “Oh, very!” answered Oz.

He put the heart in the Woodman’s breast and then replaced the square of tin, soldering it neatly together where it had been cut.

“There,” said he; “now you have a heart that any man might be proud of.I’m sorry I had to put a patch on your breast, but it really couldn’t be helped.Never mind the patch,” exclaimed the happy Woodman.

“I am very grateful to you, and shall never forget your kindness.” “Don’t speak of it,” replied Oz. Then the Tin Woodman went back to his friends, who wished him every joy on account of his good fortune.

The Lion now walked to the Throne Room and knocked at the door. “Come in,” said Oz. “I have come for my courage,” announced the Lion, entering the room. “Very well,” answered the little man; “I will get it for you.”

He went to a cupboard and reaching up to a high shelf took down a square green bottle, the contents of which he poured into a green-gold dish, beautifully carved. Placing this before the Cowardly Lion, who sniffed at it as if he did not like it, the Wizard said: “Drink.” “What is it?” asked the Lion. “Well,” answered Oz, “if it were inside of you, it would be courage. You know, of course, that courage is always inside one; so that this really cannot be called courage until you have swallowed it.


My name is Arul Prakash and I am a gooner. Huge windows fan boy, annoying youtuber, foodie, and studied biotech in college. yeah thats right! :)